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Pilates Studio in Ashburton, Devon

Anya Langmead runs a Pilates studio just outside Ashburton in Devon. Clients can come and learn matwork and how to use the machines, on a 'one to one' basis. This allows for individual attention and therefore speedier progress. The Studio is equipped with a reformer, half-cadillac and a Pilates chair. Clients can also attend a small group class for matwork or come with a friend/partner.

The exercises taught are classical Pilates and the neutral spine. These are combined with yoga preparatory poses for additional stretching and awareness.

Pilates is invaluable for the prevention of bad backs, to correct poor posture and to rehabilitate injury. It is beneficial to anyone - fit or unfit, old or young!


Pilates exercise sessions on the Reformer, Half-Cadillac and Pilates chair

The Reformer and half-cadillac is a machine, which allows for a full body workout and abdominal strengthening whilst keeping the back in a very stable and safe position. The Pilates chair gives a wider range of exercises and a cardiovascular workout. Other equipment, such as the stability roll, swiss ball and the Pilates power ring add variety and make Pilates always interesting and fun.

class doing a hip stretchGail dooing roll-ups on the cadillac tower.

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Pilates instructor
Anya doing the teaser

Anya Langmead is a qualified Pilates instructor with a certificate gained at the 'Pilates International' (now Sampson Pilates) studio in Highgate, London in 2005. She is trained in both Pilates matwork and in the use of Pilates equipment and machines. She has an extensive background in Contemporary and Post Modern Dance and has practised Iyengar Yoga for more than twenty-five years.These disciplines enrich her teaching methods. She is also a qualified acupuncturist and has a certificate in person-centred counselling from Bristol University.

Also she has practised life-drawing and worked as a life-model, which have honed her internal awareness of the human body and her ability to see the slightest imbalances.

As an older woman Anya has an excellent understanding of the more mature body and teaches accordingly, adapting Pilates exercises to benefit clients well into their seventies.

Testimonial: " I have been very impressed by Anya's depth of knowledge of the body and her ability to perceive exactly what is happening when I am practising Pilates; she can see the tiniest fault and corrects them in a gentle and encouraging way. She is extremely professional." Margaret Hannah (BHSAI riding instructor).

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Pilates for Horse Riders

Anya riding her horse Sharim
Anya started riding when she was five years old and owned a horse throughout her teenage years. She now has an Arab with whom, at the age of sixty-one, she competes in Endurance events. From many years of studying the balance, flexibility and symmetry of the human body, Anya has now extended this to how the rider’s physical limitations affect the horse and also can lead to pain and injury for the rider, especially the older rider.

Pilates is excellent for improving muscle tone, particularly core stability, thus increasing strength and flexibility for any kind of physical activity. It is invaluable for treating and preventing back pain. Most musculo-skeletal problems and injuries can be helped with Pilates.


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Health Advice

Anya can advise you on general fitness, posture, diet, weight loss, how to achieve a flat stomach and how to prevent back-ache.



'One to One' sessions = £28 per weekly session, paying 3 sessions in advance.

Class of two people - £15 per person.

Class of three people - £11 per person.

All missed classes will be charged at half-rate.

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What is Pilates

Roll-upsPilates is a system of simple exercises and stretches developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century . The exercises are performed in a slow and controlled way, in time with the breath, and have a relaxing effect on the body and mind. The exercises strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight, tense muscles, thereby creating flexibility.

Pilates can be practised by people of most ages and abilities. It is excellent for preventing and helping bad backs, rehabilitating injuries, and generally strengthening, toning and creating more flexibility. Practising regularly strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and flattens the abdomen.

Posture and alignment will be improved by the Pilates system. As the exercises build muscle this will also help in a weight-loss programme. Pilates is very helpful to the athlete as it helps to correct bad habits and brings awareness to the body. It helps prevent injury and long term damage to joints and tendons.

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